05 November 2018

Message:  Hi Mr Goh ,

I do not know if is convenience to share your experience consuming jadenu .

The side effect occurring and if it helps to reduce iron.

Thank you

Answer: Thanks for contacting me. It's my pleasure to be able to share with you my experience consuming jadenu. So has been working fine for me. I had been on Jadenu for a year now, and my iron level had been maintaining well and not increasing. It's maintaining at the level of around 2000, which is about the same when I am taking Exjade.

26 April 2018

Message : Hi
I'm from Italy and I'm 38 male, and I'm beta Thal minor (high range of minor).
I was searching for some supplement for my condition. I tried without any success Methylfolate, Vitamin E, and vitamin D, and sometime B complex. No one seems to fix me properly and Hb value it's even less now ! I use to practice endurance sport, but in the last few months it's very difficult to continue for fatigue e soreness. Life in general is more difficult now. I look up into the blog and see that there are some foods that can help thals. I saw the list, and I read about Juicing and so I will ask: is the list you worote a top-down list ? What are the most efficient food/supplement?
Thank you
Answer : Thanks for contacting me. These list of foods I had listed on my website, are from what our patients told me that it's work for them and also from what I learn or heard from other source. The list are not sorted according from TOP to bottom, but certainly you can try eating and see how it works out from you.