Thalassemianme Page Facebook Post Thalassemianme Page Facebook Post OUR THALASSAEMIA SUPPORT GROUP IS ACTUALLY THE WINNER OF THE SINGHEALTH INSPIRATIONAL SUPPORT GROUP 2018 205256967 205256968 205256969 205256970 205256971 205256972 205256973 205256974 205256975 205256976 205256977 205257033 205256978 205378817 205471946 205471947 Today, is my last #BloodTransfusion session for 2019. Another year finish, few more decades hopefully to come. Year 2020 will be better. Was unwell today having some sore throat and dry cough. Was happy today, as to do some filming for a documentary program on mediacorp channel 8, called the frontline 前线追踪. It's a 30-min documentary show on TV and online of my #Thalassemia major condition and daily life. 206048987