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Running to support Thalassemia. Haemophilia and other blood illnesses

Date of Event: 16th March 2013 (Saturday)

Time: 5pm to 10pm

Venue: Jurong West Stadium

Website: (To Register)


Running to support Thalassemia, Hamophilia and other blood illness


Patients face lengthy period of time battling the illness. Along the way, some of them start to doubt and thoughs of giving up starts to build within them. We plan to have a physical show of support to them. We will have volunteers running throughout the whole event. This is to show patients that we are willing to "run" with them throughout their treatment period. Hence, the theme: "A MILE FOR A SMILE"


We are recruiting 200 runners to run 200 miles within 5pm to 7pm. The reason for this run is to encourage the patients to face their life journey ahead with hope.


Awarness booths for blood related illness 


Awareness booths will be set up by KKH Hematology Department. This will help the public to gain better understanding of the blood related illness.


Celebrities Sport Club


Celebrities Sport Club will support the event by playing a football match with our Youth Team. The football game will commence at 7.30pm to 9.30pm. Hopsital staffs, patients and their families are invited to watch the game.


Other activities    


  • Goodie bags for the volunteer runners
  • Invitation of Minister to grace event

Crowd Control and Safety Measures


Volunteers would be on site in helping of crowd control and also first aiders would also be engaged throughout the event for the safety of the "runners".

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