CROSS MATCHING FOR BLOOD TRANSFUSION CROSS MATCHING FOR BLOOD TRANSFUSION Things & Items Used During Cross Matching. 183690758 198031136 190571427 BLOOD TEST TUBE VACUETTE CLINICAL LABORATORY BLOOD TEST TUBE 165420426 SAFETY BLOOD COLLECTION SET + LUER ADAPTER Safety Blood Collection Set is used for Withdrawing Blood. 165420873 BD VACUTAINER - PUSH BUTTON The New Blood Transfusion Set! 182852340 STERILE COTTON BALLS Used after butterfly needle is removed, to stop the bleed. 172581811 WEBCOL - Skin Cleansing Alcohol Wipes Skin Cleansing Alcohol Wipes is used on the surface of the skin before inserting the needle. 167815104 184356154 189997463 SEPTANOL - Disinfection Solution SEPTANOL - For Disinfection of Skin & Hard Surfaces Protects Against Infections. 177295255 DISPOSABLE Used in doctor/nurses for taking cross match blood test or setting plug for blood transfusion in patients. 172640432 DISPOSABLE EXAMINATION GLOVES 177295436 Medicos - Surgical Face Mask 177295360 194321251 178326328 185783344